Personal Injury

Selecting the Law Firm of Gregory A. Lee ensures that you will receive the best representation and care given in each individual case. Choosing our Firm means that all claims of personal injury, wrongful death and other serious accidents will be litigated aggressively, either in trial or settlement.

For more than 29 years, our firm has consistently and aggressively sought to recover damages on behalf of individuals injured in wrongful death, highway design, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and medical malpractice. Mr. Lee has represented clients for personal injury all over California, in Arizona, in Georgia, and Nevada. Mr. Lee has personal injury clients who reside in California, Canada, Mexico and as far away as Ireland.

While the following in no way guarantees that you will receive the same or similar amounts in trial or settlements, Mr. Lee has demonstrated that he can achieve high awards and the following illustrates some of the awards:

MOTORCYCLE VS. AUTO: Plaintiff was rendered a quadriplegic. Neither the Defendant driver nor the Plaintiff had insurance. After exhaustive investigation the responsible parties case settled FOR MORE THAN TWO MILLION DOLLARS ($2,000,000.00 plus) in San Diego Superior Court in 1986.

AUTO ACCIDENT: Plaintiff received over ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000) in settlement for poor highway construction maintenance resulting in paraplegia in the Superior Court of Riverside in 1991.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: In the United States District Court in 1988, U.S. Navy settled Plaintiff’s medical malpractice case that caused her birth defects for FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. ($4,100,000.00) over her lifetime.

AUTO ACCIDENT/BAD HIGHWAY DESIGN: Plaintiff was rendered a paraplegic as a result of accident and poor highway design. The City of Fontana settled this case in Riverside County Superior Court for more than A MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00)

AUTO VS. AUTO: In a wrongful death lawsuit with another poor highway design and automobile accident resulted in a settlement award of ONE POINT TWO MILLION DOLLARS ($1,200,000.00) to the family of the deceased in the San Bernardino Superior Court.

AUTO VS. AUTO: Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc and received TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ($200,000.00) in settlement in the Riverside County Superior Court in 2000, when a vehicle ran a stop sign and hit the Plaintiff.

SLIP & FALL: Plaintiff suffered a broken wrist as a result of a fall on a dance floor. Plaintiff received TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($200,000) in 2003

CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT: In the Superior Court of Arizona, County of La Paz in 2000, a family received a settlement in the amount of over $500,000.00 to compensate for the loss of a father in a wrongful death action, for the lifetime of the children.

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